Super Troopers 

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The Burlington Free Press has reported that for some time now, State Police in Vermont have unwittingly been driving around with a surreptitious insult adorning their official vehicles. When an inmate was given the job of modifying the logo used on trooper cars, he took the chance to stick it to the man, and his jab went unnoticed for several years. The updated logo, seen below, was installed on dozens of cars throughout the Green Mountain State:

Vermont's adjusted State Trooper Shield, with pig-shaped spot.
Spot the Swine

While some people might find humor in the news story, Sheets and Pallito said, it comes at the expense of Vermont taxpayers.

First, if the police get duped and then feel the need to pay to correct their mistake, it seems like they should somehow cover that cost themselves. But second, at a replacement cost of $780, the bill comes to about 1/10 of a cent per resident. That’s actually quite a bargain.

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