Was That Really the Best Available Venue?

MSNBC’s photoblog recently had a post from the New York Yankees’ media day which raised some questions.

A-Rod Posing In A Bathroom

  • Is that…the men’s room? Well ladies, if you ever wondered what a urinal looks like, now you know.

  • Is the photographer taking those pictures with a cell phone?

  • Is the handicapped stall being used for storage?

  • Why is the resulting picture of Alex Rodriguez’s head so much bigger than everyone else’s? Skipping over the easy jokes, the answer may actually be that he stepped over the line.

  • Who do you think got to lay that strip of tape down on the bathroom floor?

Seriously though – the men’s room?

Update (March 5th, 2012): Nick Laham is the photographer pictured here, and has more on his blog.