So He’d Have About 11 Ounces of Actual Meat? 

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Like so many of his brothers and sisters, a lobster dubbed “Rocky” was recently caught off the coast of Maine. Rocky is a bit extraordinary however, as you might guess by the fact that he’s been given a name, for Rocky tipped the scales at over 27 pounds.

Giant Lobster
Sweet fancy mustard

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Rocky also measured almost 40 inches in length, which is really the more intimidating number. Unlike the fictional Rocky, this contender won his first major bout, escaping the stomachs of hungry East Coasters to return to his life at sea. Supposedly, eating a lobster as large as Rocky is illegal. However, a simpler explanation seems equally likely: no one was able to find a pot big enough for him.

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