Follow-Up to Here Comes the Pizza

It’s opening day at Fenway Park, but I already got a chance to see the mildly-infamous Here Comes The Pizza! brick on Wednesday. Shortly after the original post, the Red Sox emailed a map to help folks locate their bricks. They also offered special non-gameday visiting hours. Figuring the best time to snap a few pictures would be when there wasn’t a crowd of 40,000 people in the building, I took advantage. After arriving at the park, I was quickly able to find the brick and snap a photo.

The Here Comes The Pizza! Brick
Highlighted in the lower right

Alas, the brick is not enshrined with the catchphrase’s creator, in the Jerry Remy section. That would perhaps have been too perfect. If you’re looking for it, you’ll want to find the Nomar Garciaparra (Nomah!) section by gate C. It’s highlighted above, but the brick is easy to spot even without that, being directly off the bottom right corner of the Nomar Garciaparra nameplate.

I had thought to create a gallery of reader photo submissions with the brick. However, as the bricks are not on a wall but on the ground, getting yourself in a picture with the brick is somewhat tricky. Mostly, it involves lying on the ground of a 100-year-old stadium. Admittedly, I’m both willing and dumb enough to do that, but I don’t expect others to be.

The Here Comes The Pizza! Brick
Frankly, it was a little gross.

Two final pieces of ridiculousness. First, I was alerted to this wonderful Breaking Bad mashup (archived here), which is definitely worth eleven seconds. And second, if you like, you can download an iPhone ringtone of Remy’s original call. It’s a wonderfully absurd way to wake up in the morning.

Update (May 23rd, 2014): Two years on, I’ve now got at least one reader foolish enough to lie down on the ground next to this ridiculous brick. Here’s John Mazzocchi next to the brick (which seems to have flaked off at the corner):

John Mazzocchi with the brick
Looking sharp, John! [Photo credit: John Mazzocchi]