Last Requests

While reading an interesting article on soup kitchens serving venison, I was reminded of a story from a decade ago. It sprang to mind after seeing this quote:

Indeed, the exploding deer population had become an issue all over the country. In Princeton, New Jersey, the writer Joyce Carol Oates said there had been “no more divisive issue” in her 20-plus years in town than what to do about all the deer.

Having formerly lived near Princeton, I know that part of the efforts to reduce the deer population back around 2000 made it illegal for residents to feed deer. In addition, a company called White Buffalo Inc. was also hired to cull the deer via hunting. Some deer were killed by sharpshooting from tree stands. Other deer were captured in a net, then had their skulls punctured with a bolt gun. Pleasant. And how exactly did White Buffalo find and kill these deer? Why, they lured them in with corn meal.

In other words? It actually was legal to feed deer, so long as you were feeding them their last meal.