Patent Trolling for Fun and Profit 

There are many ridiculous patents out there, but most are used defensively. Apparently, however, someone has patented the idea of scanning a document for emailing and is using it offensively. When patent trolls came calling for license fees on this absurd patent, one small business owner chose to fight. Good on you, Steve Vicinanza.

Be sure to read this hilarious exchange, between Ars Technica’s reporter and the holding company’s answering service:

“We don’t have any information on the entities that send the letter,” he said. It was just an answering service. “We don’t have their contact information.”

“Well, who are you the ‘legal department’ for?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” said Kevin. “Legal department.”

“I don’t get it—is ‘Legal Department’ a real company?” I persisted.

“Hmmm,” said Kevin again. “We’re just Legal Department.”

“Well, you work for someone, right? What company do you work for?”

“This is Legal Department. That’s all we can say.”