Better Brick Up Your Mailbox, Ms. Borer 

As you’ve likely heard, the US Postal Service is currently planning to end Saturday delivery of first-class mail. While this would be a change to a universally shared part of American life, it doesn’t seem as though it would really have much impact. And yet news stories on this are full of nonsensical, knee-jerk reactions.

“I never get a chance to look over my mail,” Borer said. “If they don’t deliver on Saturday, they just lost one customer.”

Yeah, she’s going to take her mail receiving to an alternative postal service!

Isaac Pontier said that USPS’s plan is a major inconvenience for people who look forward to snail mail correspondence during weekends, no matter the pervasiveness of digital communication tools.

“It’s just not okay. It’s just not fair for people like me,” Pontier said. “The weekends are the only days I have off!”

I’ve yet to be able to suss out where the unfairness is believed to be here. Branches will still be open, so you can run your shipping-related errands. Mail from the rest of the week will still be at home, waiting to be read. Is Mr. Pontier perhaps afflicted with some sort of oddly-specific curse, whereby he can only read his accumulated mail on a Saturday when new mail has been delivered?