The Tweet Hereafter 

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Jamie Forrest and Michael McWatters have started a website collecting final tweets. It’s somewhat morbid, but nonetheless fascinating. Some last tweets are drivel (like a marketing message from Amy Winehouse), and some are tragic (like the tweet of a victim of the shooting at Aurora), but they’re all a type of “last word” worthy of note.

I can only hope the tweet I leave you all with will be something like this:

Ok, let's do this: retweet this tweet linking The Innocence Project ( Donate or not, but I'll give $1 for each retweet

Or at least something like this:

Guys, the weather is so nice. Let's have the internet outside today.

Realistically speaking though, it’s far more likely to be something like this:

I saw a Heineken billboard that said "You are who you are when you're alone" So. I'm a nosepicker.

Ah well — nothing to do but leave it to the fates.

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