There’s Only One Answer 

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Cameron Lyle was a 21 year old student athlete. Now, he’s just a student. The University of New Hampshire Wildcat has cut his athletic career short and pulled out of the America East Conference championships, in order to donate bone marrow and save a life. Lyle was nervous about telling his coach, Jim Boulanger, but his coach’s response shows exactly the right perspective:

“Here’s the deal,” Boulanger told Lyle. “You go to the conference and take 12 throws or you could give a man three or four more years of life. I don’t think there’s a big question here. This is not a moral dilemma. There’s only one answer.”

You too can sign up for the National Marrow Donor Program and potentially save a life.

Update (May 9th, 2013): Well, this is quite a coincidence. Just a few hours after posting this story, I got an email from the National Marrow Donor Program:

Email for my anniversary

Apparently, it’s my 8th anniversary in the program. Why not join, and make today your 0th?

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