My Favorite Preference Name of All Time

Friday, May 24th, 2013

If you haven’t heard of, it’s something of a Twitter alternative (and more). You can learn more with this link, and even sign up for a free account.1

For the purposes of this post though, you can think of as “similar to Twitter”. And like Twitter, is often used for conversations between folks directing public messages to one another. This can result in useful exchanges visible to the world, which is great. Sometimes others join in, and on exchanges between users with many followers, that can be slightly less great.

Enter Riposte, an client. Riposte has a setting to filter out excessive replies from bystanders who may not be contributing. This setting has my favorite preference name of all time:

The Hide Hop-Ons Pref
You’re gonna get some hop-ons.

If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, you’ll surely appreciate this.2 As the extent of the explanatory text shows, the concept of the setting is a bit difficult to convey. However, the name is perfect. And the icing on the cake? If the preference name doesn’t convince you to tap it and learn more, the icon surely will:

Explanation of the Hide Hop-Ons Pref


  1. If you’re already on, be aware that you can follow @OneFootTsunami there to get notified of the daily OFT post. I also post there occasionally under @PBones.↩︎

  2. And don’t forget, Arrested Development Season 4 will be released on Netflix this Sunday, May 26, 2013.↩︎

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