They Should Probably Skip the Midi-Chlorians Though

Recently, I stumbled across this product:

James Earl Jones Reads The Bible

Frankly, that just seems like cheating. Even The Secret would sound good with James Earl Jones reading it.1 Crafty as this may be, however, the creators of this work are really missing out on another opportunity. With just a bit of repackaging, an existing product could appeal to a whole new group, thereby generating plenty of additional revenue:

Darth Vader Reads The Bible

They could even jazz things up, by splicing in some Star Wars bits:

  • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten child, and they ruled the galaxy as father and son.

Now that’s a Bible with true crossover appeal!


  1. Apparently, the only person willing to read Rhonda Byrne’s execrable self-“help” book was little-known narrator Rhonda Byrne. ↩︎