Thupid Fearth 

The title of this post was a rejected episode title (deemed “too obscure”) for episode #5 of the Just The Tip podcast, an episode which is actually called “Louse Got Your Tongue?”. This is definitely my favorite episode of the show yet, and I strongly suspect you’ll enjoy it. It’s an episode about ridiculous (and often disgusting) fears, and it actually has its origins in a One Foot Tsunami draft. I’d long been compiling a list of absurd-but-terrifying news stories, with a plan of writing a post on them, but it never seemed to get off the ground. Thankfully, through Just The Tip I was able to repurpose this important research. Huzzah!

Also, though this does make two weeks in a row, I don’t plan to devote a post to each episode. Since the show is new, amusing, and a rather large creative undertaking, it did seem worthy of a couple of links. I do sincerely hope you’ll give it a listen. You can: