The Stuff of Nightmares

Ultimately, this is all the fault of the Blue Man Group. That’s who I immediately blamed, anyway, when the following offer arrived in my inbox:

Voca People Offer

Yes, it’s the “Voca People”, for half price! Oh…boy. Naturally, I had to revel in my distaste, which led to viewing a larger cast photo:

Voca People Cast

I…I just want to punch so many of them. All of them, really, but especially that hammy cheeseball front and center:

Hammy Cheeseball
Right in the big, red mouth

Irrational anger aside, this really does look awful to me. And if the picture weren’t enough to scare me away, the description sure is:

Featuring more than 70 hit songs from just about every era, hilarious slapstick comedy, and vocal acrobatics unlike anything you’ve heard (think: beat box and extreme notes), Voca People is an interactive musical experience that takes a capella to a whole new level.

Say what you will about the Blue Man Group, but at least they’re not singing a cappella.