4.5 Cents on the Dollar 

Back in 2012, Chicago resident Jennifer Fitzgerald was reported to have racked up over $100,000 in parking tickets. The entire story was crazy, with claims that the car in question was registered to Ms. Fitzgerald without her knowledge, as well as issues with proper procedure by the city.

[T]he car has received 687 parking tickets, equaling a hefty $105,761.81 fine…Fitzgerald claimed to The Expired Meter that she didn’t know the car was parked in the airport. However, even if she did, Chicago law states that any car parked for more than 30 days in a city-owned lot is subject to an immediate tow to a city pound or authorized garage. She’s arguing that the majority of the tickets would not have even been issued if the car had been towed.

How would 678 tickets even fit on a windshield?

Anyhow, the whole thing appears to have been settled for just a few thousand dollars, and those fines may have been for other violations that actually were Ms. Fitzgerald’s responsibility.