News Anchor Eats Cat Barf

This is just so incredibly stupid, it begs to be shared. I could only watch the video1 in 15 second increments, because it’s so terrifically awful.

Five Questions for WFSB Weatherman Scot Haney

  • To start, a two-parter: What was your cat sick with, and how is said cat doing now?

  • Now let’s get to the heart of it. Why, particularly when on live television, did you eat something you found on the floor?!

  • Were you raised by pigeons and/or seagulls?

  • Why did you then provide follow-up reporting on the event?

  • Why can’t we look away?

I have so many questions, and yet, I must hope that the people do not want to know.


  1. Archived here. ↩︎