Bad Ads: Nissan’s “Gas Station Breakup”

If it’s baseball playoff season, it must also be time for the incessant repetition of a small number of lousy commercials. Today it’s time for a look at Nissan’s “Gas Station Breakup”.1 Nissan’s description of their ad is as follows:

A proud new owner of the fuel-efficient 2013 Nissan Altima must stop by his local gas station to say goodbye to the gas station attendant.

Idiots Breaking Up

The car’s owner is “saying goodbye” because the new Altima has a single-digit improvement in highway gas mileage over previous models. The car still takes gas. It’s not even a hybrid. Unless he was previously driving an RV or a Hummer, that “proud new owner” of an Altima is still going to need to gas up nearly as often as he used to.

As in previous cases, I attempted to provide a simple fix to this illogical ad. But how could this ad possibly work? Gosh, if only there were some new type of car, one which didn’t run on gas. Then you’d literally never need to go to a gas station!

Maybe such a vehicle could run on electricity. Wouldn’t that be wild? Just think of it, a 100% electric, no-gas vehicle!

Nissan Leaf No-Gas Car Print Ad


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