Jake Peavy Bought a Duck Boat 

On Saturday, the World Series champion Boston Red Sox rode aboard the city’s famous duck boats to celebrate their victory. They drove through the streets of Boston before plunging into the water of the Charles River for a ride. So, what do you do after you’ve won the World Series and enjoyed the adulation of an entire city? If you’re Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, apparently you buy your very own duck boat.

Duck Tow-er
More money than sense?

Hey, if you’re earning $15 million a year (plus probably close to half a million for the playoff winning), you can probably afford it. As well, as the linked article notes, another duck boat did indeed attempt to tow a flatbed out of a rut at Fenway. Having witnessed it firsthand, I can tell you that the seventy year old vehicle was more than up to the task, and it was quite a sight to see.

Duck Tow-er
The Dropkick Murphy’s Enjoy a Duck Tow-Er

Update (November 8th, 2013): Far from being an impulse purchase, Peavy apparently planned to purchase a duck for some time. Further, he paid just (well, “just”) $75,000 for it. At that price, I’m wondering who I can find to go in on one with me.