Headline Review: December 16th, 2013 Edition

It’s time for another look at recent headlines. We’ll start with the BBC:

Mandela Leaves South Africa In Good Shape

You know, I thought I had heard that Nelson Mandela had passed away. I guess he’s not just up and moving around, he’s healthy enough to travel! He won’t have a lot of time to go sightseeing though:

Collapse of the Universe Even More Likely Now, Physicists Say

Well, shit. I guess maybe since everything in the universe will “be compressed to a small hard ball”, just try to focus on what really matters, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Seattle Police Officially Launch Tumblr for Posting Dog GIFs

Right, like that.

Update (December 16th, 2013): Ha! It looks like some editor at the BBC had the good sense to change the Mandela headline to the much clearer “Post-Mandela South Africa Is in Good Shape”. Ah well, it was a good laugh while it lasted.