Spend the Extra Half a Cent

As the new year begins, many of you will likely resolve to take better care of yourself. You’ll be exercising more, eating healthier, and so on. On a recent trip to Target, I spotted something which may be of use to you.

If you’re planning to take fish oil, you can get a large container for a very low price. Each softgel will set you back about a little more than seven cents a piece.

Fish Oil
$0.0714 each

That’s a pretty good deal, I guess, if you’re in the market for a fatty oil obtained from the livers of various fish. But if you’re willing to spend a ha’penny more, you get a lot more (or perhaps, a lot less):

Burpless Fish Oil
$0.0760 each

Take my advice: Splurge. Your friends and loved ones will be glad you did.