Baseball Bloopers (April 4th, 2014 Edition)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

As noted on Monday, the baseball season is now upon us. As usual, the return of the boys of summer also brings plenty of stories both bizarre and amusing. First up, in the bizarre category, Angels hitting coach Don Baylor broke his leg on opening day. That’s a bad day, to be sure, but the circumstances are worse. You see, Baylor was catching a ceremonial first pitch before the game. Add another to the list of bizarre injuries sustained at home plate in Anaheim.

In lighter news, the World Champion Boston Red Sox had an off day on Tuesday, and they paid a visit to the White House. As the players met the president, slugger David Ortiz took the opportunity to get a selfie. The tweet this picture accompanied has now been retweeted over 40,000 times, and is nearing 50,000 favorites. Not too shabby.

David Ortiz's presidential selfie
[Photo credit: David Ortiz]

Next up comes video of a hometown fan doing just what he should when a visiting player attempts to catch a foul ball. The anonymous fan snatched the ball away from the St. Louis Cardinals Matt Adams, preventing him from recording an out. Adams gave a semi-serious shove before walking away, which earned him an unnecessary-but-fair middle finger from the fan.

Matt Adams loses the ball
[Screen capture from Chris Looy’s Vine video]1

A long time ago on a site far, far away, I wrote about the heroics of one Danny Vinik. I’m delighted to see other fans following the Vinik Rule.

Without a doubt however, the best laugh of the week came courtesy of an article in that bastion of sports reporting, the Wall Street Journal.

Mets Blow A Save And Fan 18 Times
[Photo credit: Mark Fishkin]

Sure, that sounds great. But frankly, at a certain point, that’s going to start to hurt even more than Don Baylor’s broken femur.


  1. That video is archived here. ↩︎

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