John Popper Vanity Searches, Too

Last Thursday, I posted a story about Blues Traveler’s John Popper. Despite being fleeced by a quasi-prostitute, Popper managed to look on the bright side. The story was amusing, but not as amusing as what happened next.

First, a quick bit of backstory (and housekeeping, for that matter). If you’re not aware, you can follow @OneFootTsunami on Twitter. It’s an automated account which provides a link to each day’s post, for those who prefer Twitter to RSS. The tweets show story’s headline, and a short link to the post, like this:

John Popper Looks on the Bright Side:

I don’t tweet directly from the account (using my @PBones account instead), but I do monitor its @mentions. I was thus tremendously bemused to see this pop up on my phone:

Hey...I coulda woke up w/a butter churn up my butt...always a great morning when that doesn't happen... ;)

The Blues Traveler account is verified with Twitter, and its bio states that tweets come from band members John Popper and Tad Kinchla. It would seem that John Popper saw a mention of his name on Twitter and visited the One Foot Tsunami post which mentioned him, then tweeted a reply. As a fan of the band, I must admit to being flattered. But I also must point out that since @blues_traveler wasn’t mentioned in the original @OneFootTsunami tweet, Popper must be doing vanity searches for his name itself.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that he’s hoping to find someone tweeting “I stole John Popper’s Rolex, muthafuckas!”. I wish him luck in his quest for the return of his watch. But while I have his attention1, I may as well throw out a request: Can I do guest vocals on the rap part of “Hook” next time Blues Traveler rolls through Boston? I memorized the whole thing back in sixth grade and I’ve still got it down pat. Come on, John. Do it for a fellow L’il Tiger!2


  1. The title of this post was chosen delibrately, to be sure. ↩︎

  2. Both John Popper and I attended Princeton High School, albeit fifteen years apart. Being just down the street from Princeton University and their “Tigers” mascot, Princeton High School’s mascot is the “L’il Tigers”. This fact requires no additional commentary to be funny. ↩︎