Please Consider Proper Grammar

MacKeeper is a utility for Mac OS X which purports to optimize and clean computer systems. Despite a rather lousy reputation throughout the Internet, or perhaps because of it, the makers of MacKeeper advertise their product extremely aggressively. In fact, the company’s prime programming talent may actually be evading pop-up ad blockers. As such, it’s likely you’ve run across one of their ads before, like this one:

Please consider cleaning your Mac from junk, with a Windows error style.

I see these ads at least a couple of times a month. Each and every time the ad pops up, I read it, hoping against hope that the one sentence it contains will be grammatically correct. Each and every time, for years now, I have been met with “Please consider cleaning your Mac from junk”. What do they even mean? “Please consider cleaning your Mac of junk”? “Please consider cleaning junk from your Mac”? The horrendous grammar haunts me, chasing me around the web.

More recently, I saw a variation on the MacKeeper ad. As the name implies, MacKeeper is a tool which runs only on Macs. So why in the world would they make a fake Windows error message?

Please consider cleaning your Mac from junk, with a Windows error style.

At least they kept the broken grammar. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do if it ever changed. After all, consistencyness is next to godliness.

Update (June 25th, 2014): Over on Twitter, Florian Albrecht spotted this abomination in the wild:

MacKeeper infecting Skype