Innovation, Thy Name Is Facebook

Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled version 6.0 of their “Facebook Messenger” app. The chat app aims to serve as a substitute for texting with your Facebook friends. Lest you think this is just another basic communications tool, however, take note of this incredible new feature.

Big Likes: Press and hold to send an even bigger thumbs up when you really, really like something.

At last, at long last. No longer are we stuck between simply “Liking” something or not “Liking” something. Now, we have the fine-grained control to show that we “Like” something, or we really “Like” something, or we don’t “Like” it or maybe just haven’t seen it or are ambivalent about it.

Facebook Like vs. Big Like

Alas, Facebook Messenger 6.1 has already been released, and it obliterates all reference to version 6’s revolutionary upgrades. Let this post serve as a testament to the ingenuity on display at Facebook, in the form of “Big Likes”. I can’t wait for what’s next. A humble suggestion to the Facebook team: 5x Likes.