Vancouver Seems Like the City to Do It

Last week, a rogue art installation in Vancouver caused something of a stir, and friend of the site Michael W. provided the heads-up on this delightful story. Apparently, a pedestal which once displayed a Christopher Columbus statue had lain barren since that piece was moved a decade ago. Much like a hermit crab who happens upon a discarded shell, another artist eventually decided they liked the looks of this location. Under the cover of night, they installed their own piece on the pedestal for all to enjoy. For a few hours last Tuesday, commuters on Vancouver’s SkyTrain were treated to an eye-catching spectacle.

Satan and More
Well, Hell-o!

It was quite something, as you can see. Alas, by around 3 PM that day a city crew had removed the statue, and the world was a little sadder for it. Thankfully, both professionals and amateurs alike were there to document it all. This particular photo of the statue in the back of a truck is simply fantastic, both for what it doesn’t show, and what it does.

Just The Tip
Gee, do you think he’s in there?

Following the removal of the statue, a petition was started by one Darryl Greer, requesting that the artwork be returned. Over 2,500 people have added their support to “Bring the Giant Satan-With-an-Erection Statue Back to East Vancouver”. Greer notes that while some may be offended by the work, plenty were also offended by a seven-foot tall porcelain dog statue which cost taxpayers almost $100,000. At the very least, in the case of the aroused prince of darkness, no one can quarrel with the price.

You may think it’d be preposterous to bring this ridiculous statue back, and it would be. Nevertheless, Vancouver seems like just the city to do it. After all, thanks to another enterprising and impish artist, Vancouver is already home to “Dude Chilling Park”.

Dude Chilling Park
The sign was inspired by the “Reclining Figure” sculpture the park contains.

Dude, Chilling
Yup, that’s a dude chilling alright.

As you may be aware, many TV series are shot in Vancouver. I sincerely hope we get a chance to see our extremely red-blooded friend in the background of a future episode of something. If you care to add your voice to the cause, be sure to sign the petition.