Well Done, Mr. Simms 

Phil Simms made it through almost all of last night’s Thursday Night Football game without referring to the home team by name. Mr. Simms is clearly a One Foot Tsunami reader, and this post must have caught his attention. He’s vowed to avoid using the name of the team from Washington, and I say good on him.

A big thumbs-down to his broadcast partner Jim Nantz, however. He chose not to stand with Simms, which is regrettable. The real problem, however, is Nantz’s explanation.

Simms’ broadcast partner, play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz, used “Redskins” as usual Thursday. He said last month that it’s “not my job to take a stance.”

It’s not Simms’ job to do this either. Instead, he’s taking a principled stand. If he’s not going to stand tall with him, he should just deflect the questions with a “No comment”. Or hey, he could go all the way and call them the Washington Slurs.