Well Done, Mr. Simms 

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Phil Simms made it through almost all of last night’s Thursday Night Football game without referring to the home team by name. Mr. Simms is clearly a One Foot Tsunami reader, and this post must have caught his attention. He’s vowed to avoid using the name of the team from Washington, and I say good on him.

A big thumbs-down to his broadcast partner Jim Nantz, however. He chose not to stand with Simms, which is regrettable. The real problem, however, is Nantz’s explanation.

Simms’ broadcast partner, play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz, used “Redskins” as usual Thursday. He said last month that it’s “not my job to take a stance.”

It’s not Simms’ job to do this either. Instead, he’s taking a principled stand. If he’s not going to stand tall with him, he should just deflect the questions with a “No comment”. Or hey, he could go all the way and call them the Washington Slurs.

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