Two Penny Candies, Please

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

A few months back, I made a purchase on Amazon, pre-ordering a forthcoming album. That album was finally released on October 14th, and a day later I received an email from Amazon related to their Pre-order Price Guarantee. Essentially, if you pre-order an item, you’ll always be charged the lowest price that album sold for prior to release. In this way, they allay the fears customers who may be skittish about overpaying. It’s a smart program, except when something like this happens:

Saving ONE cent

Yes, I purchased for $10, and at some point the price dipped all the way down to $9.99. Jackpot! Of course, the mere act of receiving and reading this email has some cost, and it’s surely higher than one cent. But fear not! I later received a second email from Amazon, detailing the full refund:

Saving TWO cents

Yes, thanks to some tax rounding, I was now saving twice as much — two cents! Fantastic. Of course, despite the ridiculous nature of these two emails, I suspect some will view the funniest thing here to be the fact that in 2014, I bought a physical CD.

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