Life Imitates Snowpiercer 

In the wilds of Michigan, a family driving a minivan was involved in a car accident. While that’s bad enough, the biggest problem was actually that the other party didn’t know anything had happened. After the minivan ran into the back of his tractor trailer, the unaware driver dragged the family for sixteen miles before police intercepted the unfortunately coupled vehicles.

This is horrifying, of course, but since everyone survived with only minor injuries, it’s also hilarious. The sheer length of the incident is what really gets me. After a few seconds of terrified screaming, you’d have to stop. Your lungs would eventually give up. 15 or 30 seconds in, you’d have to begin to come to terms with the situation. Eventually, around mile 10, you may start to question your so-called “memories” of the beforetime. Perhaps you merely dreamed of an existence in which you weren’t being carried through the blinding snow by a speeding big rig. Who’s to say?