Seattle’s Canine Police Force 

Seattle’s police department has taken portraits of their working dogs, and they are excellent.

Kosmo the police dog

Two days after Kosmo completed the basic training academy, he was asked to track a violent domestic-violence suspect who had jumped from the window of a second-story building to escape. Kosmo tracked through yards and over fences to an old dirty mattress pressed flat against a retaining wall. Knowing that no one could hide between a mattress and a wall unless they were as thin as a sheet of paper, his handler explained to his dog no one could be there and the track was ended and officers left. Ten minutes later the suspect returned to the crime scene and fled a second time. Kosmo again tracked through yards to the mattress. To prove to Kosmo no one could be there, his handler pulled the mattress away from the concrete retaining wall to reveal the suspect tucked into a large hole in the wall.

Dogs know, ya dope!