A Quick Trip to the Apple Store 

In baseball, players keep the physical balls used when they record certain personal achievements, like a batter’s first hit or a pitcher’s 1000th strikeout. When it’s a home run ball, teams will often negotiate with fans to retrieve the ball in question, offering up autographed memorabilia or tickets to future games in exchange for the ball in question. However, in the case of Brandon Moss’s recent 100th home run, his own bullpen caught the ball. Rather than letting him off easy and simply giving it to him, they’ve compiled a list of demands:

List of Demands
Bullpen catcher Ricky Pacione appears to have no idea how much an iPad costs

If nothing else, the bullpen has made things simple for Moss. If he really wants the ball, and he opts not to determine how to procure a 50 gallon drum of lube, he can do all his shopping in just one place.