The Show Does Go On 

Just how cool can Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl be?

Videos…show Grohl walking across the stage…when he appears to trip and plunges over the edge.

‘‘I think I just broke my leg. I think I really broke my leg,’’ he told the crowd.

“Ladies and gentleman,” Grohl said while laying on the ground after falling, “let me tell you right now that I’m going to go to the hospital and I’m going to fix my leg, but then I’m going to come back and we’re going to play for you again. I’m so sorry.”

The rest of the band resumed playing as Grohl was taken away for medical attention. But minutes later he was later carried back on stage on a stretcher with his right foot bandaged and continued the concert sitting down or supporting himself on crutches.

The former Nirvana drummer told the crowd he wouldn’t leave the stage unless given orders by a doctor to do so.

Goddamn that’s cool.

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