The Boston Militia Are Now the Boston Renegades 

Back in January, I noted that Boston’s kick-ass women’s tackle football team the Boston Militia had sadly been disbanded. I should have known these greats wouldn’t allow themselves to be KO’ed quite so easily. Shortly after that post, like a phoenix rising from Arizona, the team was re-born:

In January of 2015, Boch retired the Boston Militia brand and transferred ownership of the team. A dedicated group of former players created Boston Women’s Football LLC and kept the team alive as the Boston Renegades. Our vision is to expand the visibility and influence of women’s football, and to bring another championship back home to Boston.

For those in the Boston area, the Renegades will be playing their final home game of 2015 this Saturday, July 11th at 6 PM. It’s the playoffs quarterfinals, so you know they’re still crushing it out there. And if you can’t make it to Somerville’s Dilboy Stadium in person, you can still support the team financially via their GoFundMe page.