Real Or Fake? (October 7th, 2015 Edition)

It’s been over three years since our last edition of “Real or Fake?”, but we’re finally back! Remember, this is the game where you try to determine if a news item is, well, real or fake.

Read the headline, then make your guess. When you click “Answer”, the truth shall be revealed.

Is it Real or Fake?

1. U.S. Senate Candidate Admits to Sacrificing Goat, Drinking Its Blood (Answer)

2. California To Allow Prisoners To Serve Sentences Online (Answer)

3. North Korea Envoy Tells UN Rights Forum “Mind Your Own Business” (Answer)

4. Radioactive Boars On The Loose In Germany (Answer)

5. CNN Anchor Interviews Al Jazeera Anchor Who Interviewed Libyan Rebels (Answer)

That’s it for today, but if you’ve got your own submission, send it over for the next edition!