Avoiding Feckless, Hypocritical Cynicism

Senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is the son of a refugee to America. Now, he wants us to close our borders to Syrian refugees who are Muslim, while allowing in Syrian refugees who are Christian. This despicable idea alone shows Cruz is unfit to be President. Hell, it appears he’s unfit to remain in the Senate. That’s a position which required him to swear to support and defend the Constitution, which includes the Establishment Clause. Perhaps most damning, he’s not even fit to call himself a Christian. The Bible is quite clear on how refugees should be treated, and it isn’t like this.

There’s so much that’s wrong, ignorant, backwards, and just downright goddamned sad in the lily-livered response to current events. The pathetic outcry by Cruz, Jeb Bush, and far too many others is exactly what terrorists want following an atrocity like last week’s attacks in Paris. The toxic spew emanating from the mouths of far, far too many leaders is dispiriting to say the least.

But we don’t have to give the terrorists what they want. America must not turn its back on those who are suffering. We don’t need to give in to the politics of fear and cynicism. We don’t need to repeat the mistakes of the past. Let’s be better than this, on both sides of the aisle.