That Dog

Beginning with the iPhone 3GS way back in 2009, I’ve had a quality camera in my pocket almost everywhere I go. This has led to an amateur interest in photography. I capture images of all sorts of things, and on most days, I share a photo to my Instagram account. While Instagram is best known as a service to alert hotels about issues with their signage, it’s also useful for showing off photographs you’ve taken. Sometimes these are pictures from exotic locations or just a gorgeous shot of which I’m particularly proud. Other times, I post goofy signs and other things that make me laugh.

This year, thanks to the dog-sitting I’ve done for my downstairs neighbors, I’ve discovered the like-drawing power of Pembroke Welsh corgis. Yes, that is the same kind of dog the Queen of England has, but no, I’m not living above the Queen of England. Her highness no doubt has an entire team of servants to dog-sit for her, and it would be rather weird if she lived in Boston. We’ve got kind of a history with the British, y’know.

That Dog on Instagram

Anyhow, I’ve posted several photos of the aforementioned corgi to Instagram, and I’ve now assembled a gallery here. Without further ado, allow me to present the adventures of That Dog!

Look at this photogenic sonuva bitch! [Link]

So good. [Link]

That dog is back. [Link]

That dog followed us to the Cape. (And he’s got a new hat!) [Link]

That dog figured out the AC. [Link]

That dog is posing. [Link]

That dog is an apostrophe. [Link]

That dog JUST had a bath. [Link]

That dog has grown to monstrous size. [Link]

🎵 Theme to “That Dog” 🎵

While creating and gathering this series, I also wrote a ridiculous theme song. It’s sung to the tune of theme from the Marlo Thomas sitcom “That Girl”:

Fetching, walking, napping,
That Dog!
Fluffy, friendly, smart one
Is That Dog!
He’s happy to see me.
He’s everything that every dog should be!

Belly, scratches, frisbee,
That Dog
Smiley, fluffy, handsome
Is That Dog
He’s theirs alone, but luckily for you…
If you find a dog to love,
At least one dog to love,
Then he’ll be That Dog too…

Spoof Logo for That Dog
The talented @msteciuk even came up with this awesome spoof show art!1

Approximately 12 readers will be amused by this whole “That Girl” spoof, but one of them is my mother, and that’s good enough for me. Happy birthday, Mom! And if you’re not familiar with That Girl, give the opening credits a listen.2


  1. Here’s the “That Dog” logo next to the well-known original artwork for “That Girl”:

    Pretty great, right? ↩︎

  2. That video is archived here. ↩︎