JT’s Avatar

Speaking of lousy mugshots, I’d now like to focus briefly on a terrible picture of a friend of mine. Last month, I wrote about the “Trumang Tweet”, written by JT Dobbs. JT’s account also features what is perhaps my favorite avatar on all of Twitter. You can see it below:

The word tsunami is not in my phone's T9 dictionary, so if you ever get a text from me that says Trumang!, get the fuck off the beach.

Save for the occasional addition of minor holiday decorations, this avatar has been unchanged for years and years. At the standard small size seen above, it hints of mystery and begs to be clicked. And yet, enlarging it provides no real answers.

A blurry mess of a snap with a ludicrously thick border
Full-sized Avatar

The face is a blurry mess and the background is indecipherable. That is indeed JT, but beyond that, at best we can guess that this photo was taken in a city. Is it Times Square in New York City? Beale Street in JT’s native Memphis? Was this photograph taken with a potato? We may never know.

Don’t fail to note the wonderful hat atop JT’s dome. We can’t really see it, but whatever it is, it’s really something. And where is JT looking? What’s happening to the camera’s left? Finally, realize that I didn’t add that monstrous double border you see. That’s part of the image, baked right in! The whole thing is a glorious masterpiece, and I hope it never changes.