🎡 Hey QB, You’re on TV 🎡

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Before the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 over the Carolina Panthers yesterday, the National Football League had a roll call for all the past winners of the game’s Most Valuable Player award. Despite the fact that half of these men couldn’t find their camera mark, it was still an impressive sight. Perhaps the best part, however, was when they showed us Super Bowl XLI’s MVP, Peyton Manning. Manning was playing in last night’s game as well, so rather than joining the festivities he spent his time preparing himself mentally. Or sipping a yellow Gatorade in profile all alone, save for the wristwatch-wearing security guard who wanders into frame, anyhow.

Have a look. It was truly wonderful, ridiculous, terrible television:

It was also the best thing Peyton did all night. He was 13/23 for just 141 yards passing, with no TDs, an interception, and a fumble. The Broncos won the championship, but Peyton and his miserable 56.6 QB rating did not have a lot to do with it. For just the ninth time, a defensive player won the MVP award, which has gone to the winning quarterback 27 times.

Anyhow, it seems almost certain Manning was utterly unaware of just what he was doing, and what was transpiring around him. Nevertheless, I’m going to remember this as a great piece of performance art by the QB, far better than any of Peyton’s myriad commercials. I’m also choosing to believe that part of his endorsement deal means he faced the Herculean task of finishing that entire palette of Gatorade before he was allowed to leave the stadium last night.

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