A Fool for a Client 

I’ve just created a Google Alert for the phrase “serving as his own attorney”1, because stories that include that line are almost always incredible. The case against Dr. William J. O’Brien III appears to be no exception. He’s accused of illegally prescribing narcotics and seeking sex as payment, and the article on the opening statements is a hell of a thing. This line from the end is just one of many worth of note:

O’Brien also has sought permission to use “four copies of a hardback Dr. Seuss publication” during his defense, according to a court filing last week. The reason is unclear.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you might consider taking a day to see the spectacle. It’s expected to have a six-week run, and every show is different!


  1. I created an Alert for “serving as her own attorney” as well, but this seems to be something which is done almost exclusively by men. ↩︎