The Beer Probably Cost More

Friend-of-the-site Colin Teubner alerted me to a fantastic exchange between a couple of fans at a recent A’s game, and the ridiculousness demands sharing. In short, as two guys went for a foul ball, one fan managed to nab another fan’s beer. You should definitely watch the video1 to see the full exchange, but this image really captures the magic.

ALT NAME Left: The Ecstasy; Right: The Agony

The guy on the right in the checkered shirt nabbed the ball, but he lost his beer in the process. He’s just realized it and is reacting in hilarious fashion. Meanwhile, the guy in the goofy hat is about to take a rather disgusting victory swig. It’s really a hell of a thing. Be sure to watch the video to the end, as it almost seems like Checkered Shirt Guy is attempting to trade the ball back for his beer. The announcers certainly seem to think so. You gotta let that go, man! That’s nasty.

After repeated study of the video, however, it looks more like Checkered Shirt Guy is simply trying to avoid trouble. Goofy Hat Guy appears to be getting kicked out of the game, likely because he wound up over the fence and on the field (albeit behind the tarp). However, I like to think Goofy Hat Guy is really getting the boot because he muffed the catch despite having a glove on. Given that if he’d made the catch, he never would have wound up on the field at all, it’s even sort of true.

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  1. That video is archived here without the express written consent of Major League Baseball. “No copyright intended”. ↩︎