Every Day Is Children’s Day

While taking a rare glance at Facebook on Sunday, I spotted this image:

What in the hell is this nonsense? Mother’s Day, I get. Let’s absolutely set aside a day to recognize our wonderful mothers (hi Mom!). Father’s Day is coming up, and that seems fair too. I can even get on-board with Grandparent’s Day. But is anyone forgetting about children? Is any group more catered to in our society than children? For that matter, is anyone going to see this and think “Well, I was gonna go shopping, then hit a few buckets at the driving range, but I guess I’ll take Susie to the park to fly a kite instead”?

Wikipedia has some background information, particularly as it relates to the US. While we may have a national Pan American Aviation Day and a National Forest Products week in this country, “a permanent annual single Children’s Day observation is not made at the national level” here. In fact, here’s the calendar for when Children’s Day is observed in America:

Dates for Children’s Day in the United States

  • 2015: 2 August

  • 2016: 12 June

  • 2017: 30 June

  • 2018: 26 June

  • 2019: 11 June

As near as I can figure, “Children’s Day” is celebrated on the first of approximately whenever. Maybe June-ish.

But upon re-examination of the original image, it was the second line of text that really put me over the edge.

  • Let’s make today special for kids of all ages.

That’s just everybody! That is literally every person alive on the planet. You might as well just call this “Special Day”, or even just “Happy Day”. So I hope you did something great on Sunday, dear readers, because whoever you are, it was apparently your day.

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