Only 163 Days Until Christmas

Have the folks at Groupon just lost their damned minds? Or at least the ability to read a calendar? Yesterday, I received an email proclaiming:

  • Black Friday Doorbusters Are Here!

As you likely know, Black Friday occurs the day after Thanksgiving in America, and it’s a day when retailers around the country stoke buyers into a frenzy by offering sales. In the past decade or so, it’s grown into something of a madness, as stores open earlier and earlier in an effort to attract customers. In other words, Black Friday is a single day four months from now, and it’s certainly something a deals site like Groupon is aware of.

And yet, here we are, with a whole section on their site dedicated to this in(s)anity.


I can find no explanation for why Groupon has decided to reuse the very distinctive name of a widely-known sales holiday. There’s not even a lame attempt, like calling “Black Friday in July”. It also shouldn’t be missed that this “Black Friday” actually spans three days, and seems to focus on “doorbusters”, a (rather violent) term which only makes sense when applied to physical retail stores. Jesus Crist.