Meditations on a “Fresh Paint” Sign

Some time in the late ’90s or early 2000s, I saw a sign on a recently-painted wall. As I looked at it, I realized it was more than a little odd. As there were several of these signs on the wall, I felt comfortable grabbing one for future amusement. I recently rediscovered the sign, and it seems worth sharing with the wider world. Have a look:


Some Thoughts on This Sign I Snatched Nearly 20 Years Ago

  • I find it very strange that the sign reads not “Wet Paint”, but “Fresh Paint”.

  • As well, it seems likely that this sign is recursive. The sign itself features its own “Fresh Paint” sign, and given how it’s covered, that sign may include a drawing of a third sign, and so on. It’s “Fresh Paint” signs all the way down.

  • Like the girl pictured (let’s call her “Alice”), I nicked this sign off something which had recently been painted.

  • Alice is very coyly hiding the sign from the boy (who we’ll call “Bobby”).

  • Nevertheless, it seems clear that Bobby knows exactly Alice has done.

  • Even as Bobby plays it cool, he’s hiding his baseball bat from Alice.

  • Bobby seems as though he plans to get a very different type of red on Alice’s dress.