Decency Is Not a “Shot” 

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

During that bizarre presidential tradition known as the “turkey pardon”, President Obama said the following

“Thanksgiving is also a reminder of the source of our national strength, that out of many we are one, and we’re not bound by any one race or religion but rather by an adherence to a common creed that all of us are created equal. And while accepting our differences and building a diverse society has never been easy, it has never been more important. We are people that look out for one another and get each other’s backs. We keep moving forward defined by values and ideals that have been a light to all humanity.”

That’s a wonderful and worthwhile statement. Let’s see how the press covered it:

  • Obama appears to take shot at Trump during turkey pardon

Oh, look, it’s everything that’s wrong with politics and journalism in one short headline!

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