Regret Is a Start 

Earlier this week, I was incredibly frustrated by an article in the New York Times, wherein a dozen women explained why they voted for Donald Trump. I think it’s essential to understand people who voted for Donald Trump, rather than just tarring them all with insults like “ignorant” or “racist”. This article provided a good look into some of the reasons behind these Trump vote. However, it also revealed stunning ignorance and lack of critical thinking. Frankly, it made me want to scream.

Still, there’s at least some cause for hope. Sherri Underwood voted for Trump, but she already regrets it. While it would be easy to criticize this woman, it would ultimately serve little purpose. Underwood and others like her should instead be supported and encouraged to speak up and speak out. The majority of voters in America opposed Trump, and the more folks who join the fight against Trump and his self-serving agenda, the better.