Artis-anal Chicken

When you think of Tyson chicken, you might think of cheap grocery store chicken, and perhaps factory farms. At the very least, their logo certainly doesn’t convey anything upscale.

Ah, but now things have changed. Behold the new logo for Tyson Foods!

Why, surely we’ve got it all wrong, and we’ve confused Tyson with some other brand such as Perdue. No, no, Tyson must be a scrappy young upstart in the poultry game, one run by bespectacled gentlemen who sport a great deal of facial hair and many tattoos. Also, there are frequently suspenders involved in their wardrobes. Doubtless these men lovingly care for their chickens, naming each one individually and showering it with love and affection. Tyson chickens are assuredly never kept in cages, but instead permitted not just the run of the yard, but indeed the run of the entire house as well. Looking at that logo, I’m certain that these birds live happy lives of many years until their time is naturally up.

Then again, I suppose it’s possible this is nothing more than a co-opting of style designed to make everyone forget a long legacy of cruel and disgusting factory farming by the world’s largest chicken producer.