This Week in Trump: June 9th, 2017 Edition

I hope that “This Week in Trump” doesn’t actually need to be a weekly thing. However, just seven days after the inaugural TWITpost, there’s already more than enough content for another edition. Here’s your summary of the incoherent, incompetent, and just plain embarrassing things Donald Trump and his team have done since last Friday.

June 4th: After the horrific attack in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan explained that citizens in his city would see an increased police presence, telling them that there was no reason to be alarmed about this. In the middle of the crisis, Donald Trump took this single line out of context and used it to unfairly criticize the mayor. (Link)

June 5th: Donald Trump also crassly used the terrorist attack in London in an attempt at explaining why the US should implement the despicable travel ban(s) he’s tried to put into place. Legal experts believe this action may well undermine the case attempting to defend the bans. (Link)

June 5th: Donald Trump blamed Democrats for holding up his appointments to key positions in the federal government, despite having submitted no nominee for a whopping 79 percent of open positions. (Link)

June 6th: The White House had great difficulty finding a law firm to represent Donald Trump in the Russia probe, with the consensus being that “the guy won’t pay and he won’t listen”. (Link)

June 8th: Following his failure to retain the services of a qualified legal team, Donald Trump instead relied upon his longtime attorney Marc Kasowitz. In the first sentence of a statement responding to former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony, Kasowitz misspelled the word “President”. (Link)

A headline like “First Sentence of Trump Lawyer’s Response to Comey Misspells the Word President” is really perfect fodder for “Real or Fake”. Unfortunately, this is all real, and all depressing. On the bright side for the writers over at the Onion, if they want to take an issue off, they can just reprint the real news word for word.