A FedEx Story in Two Pictures

Yesterday, October 19th, I spotted the following note on a neighbor’s door:

Note reading: Dear FedEx - As I work, I am not home during the day. PLEASE do not deliver before 5 PM I have called & requested this. Thank you. Jennifer Apartment 5
Good luck with that…

I imagine most folks have known the pain and annoyance of a missed package. I can certainly identify. However, I can’t wrap my head around the idea of requesting that FedEx simply not attempt delivery until after 5 PM. Perhaps FedEx should consider an evening delivery service, but as it stands, they do their deliveries throughout the day. That’s just the way it works.

If you’re on the part of their route that gets hit during the day, and you won’t be home, perhaps you should consider alternatives. You might have the package shipped to you at work, or request that it be held at a pick-up point. Expecting FedEx to shift their delivery routes to suit one customer’s desires seems a bit unreasonable.

It would seem the package delivery service agreed, though not in so many words. Today, a day later, I found FedEx’s potentially passive-aggressive reply:

A FedEx Missed Deliver
An indirect response

Better luck next time, I guess, Jennifer.