The Hot New Show, “VWTASTB”

Today, let’s enjoy a special double-stuffed edition of “Vehicles Where They Ain’t Supposed To Be”.

First up is Pegasus Airlines flight #8622 in Turkey, which attempted to take a dip in the Black Sea. It’s off-road adventure (officially known as a “runway excursion”) took it into the mud on the cliffs of Trabzon airport. Fortunately, that same mud prevented the aircraft from making it to the water, and no one was hurt. As such, this photo is funny, though it’s also horrifying.

Like a beached whale

Meanwhile, I can’t imagine alcohol wasn’t involved in this particular hot mess:

That’s some truly impressive height

Fortunately, much like the above, no one was seriously injured in this instance. But let’s take a moment of silence for those poor, poor dentistry files.