More Bad Good News

It would seem that almost no news is good news.

I’ve previously written about the daily newsletter I get from The Week, which features 10 news items, almost all of which are terrible. To offset this, I also receive their “Good News Newsletter”, which is a weekly email that attempts to provide 5 pieces of good news.

Unfortunately, the well of good news often runs dry. So it was last week, when this item came in at number five.

5. Chick-fil-A cashier saved regular customer’s change for weeks after he left it behind

When customer Danny Cadra drove away from a Chick-fil-A in Lubbock, Texas, without his $3 in change, cashier Marcus Henderson stuffed it into an envelope, knowing the regular would be back sometime soon. For three weeks, Henderson carried the envelope in his back pocket while at work…When Cadra came back to the restaurant last week, Henderson handed him the envelope, much to his surprise — he said he didn’t even realize he left the change behind. “What a breath of fresh air,” Cadra told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. “It meant that much to him, it meant even that much more to me.” [NBC Dallas-Forth Worth]

Times are really bleak when a low-wage employee giving a customer his $3 in forgotten change is the fifth best news of the week.