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FedEx's online operations are not well-run.

Another week, another post about FedEx being terrible.1 When FedEx has a package headed my way, they text information about it.

This should be helpful, and I would appreciate it, if not for one thing. The URL they send leads to a broken page, every single time I get one of these texts.

This has been broken for many months. I actually attempted to report this issue back in December, and even then, it wasn’t a new problem.

While I never received a reply to this Twitter DM, the checkmark in the bottom right indicates that at least someone at FedEx read it.

Perhaps this issue is unique to me, but I doubt it. It seems likely that every day, FedEx is sending out thousands of texts with broken URLs.


  1. Astoundingly, as of May 3rd, 2018, the Winter Storm warning is finally gone. ↩︎