Bat Dogs Continue to Be Great 

Bat dogs, man. They're the best.

This site has previously covered bat dogs, and their charm has not worn off. In fact, the phenomenon is spreading to more and more minor league ball clubs. This week saw a hilarious bit of confusion when a player incorrectly thought he’d drawn a walk and dropped his bat on the ground:

Yes, bat dog Lou Lou Gehrig came out to retrieve that bat, which was still needed by Greensville Grasshopper Jhonny Santos. A bit of tug-of-war ensued. Be sure to watch the video, and don’t miss the second attempt.1

Some might be tempted to question Lou Lou’s training, but I have to instead call out Santos for his poor eye, and for failing to adhere to an obvious rule in stadiums both with and without bat dogs: Don’t put your bat down unless you’re sure you’re done with it.


  1. Said video is archived here.↩︎